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If you have been thinking about becoming a Professional Life Coach or Success Coach... but you're not sure you can translate your passion for helping people into a business that can actually profit and grow...

THIS training is for YOU! 

 Travis and Mitch will walk you through powerful and proven (and fun) strategies you can apply immediately to help you breakthrough the barriers that hold most aspiring coaches back!

Plus, you'll learn some step-by-step processes that will enable you to increase your IMPACT and your INCOME!  (For example, Mitch and Travis will show you the “Million-Dollar Complimentary Call Model™” that has helped coaches hit a 80 to 90% closing rate without ever feeling salesy!)

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Mitch Matthews is a true "Encourager of Encouragers."

He's been a full-time coach and speaker since 2002, and he's been helping other coaches from around the world to build profitable businesses they love since 2008.

Mitch is wildly blessed to say that he's been able to generate 7-figures in revenue as a coach and a speaker. Plus, he's created events that have generated 7-figures in corporate sponsorships and his DREAM THINK DO podcast is in the top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide! Most importantly, he's an introvert and he's done all of this from a small city in the mid-west. So, if he can do it... so can YOU!

Lastly, Mitch is driven by a passion to help people to fully live the lives they were created to live! To make that happen, he wants to equip an army of coaches and speakers who can change the world for the better! (And get paid really well as they do!)

Travis Crutcher is a certified Master Trainer with over twenty years of experience in instruction and facilitation. 

Travis has worked with key leaders from organizations such as Google, Amazon, The Tillman Foundation, and the United States Army. 

His weekly podcast “Above Average Podcast with Travis and Jesse” is in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide.

Travis’ true passion is to help people “Live a life they love.” He’s been able to live that passion by helping coaches, speakers, and content creators build a business that they love!

 He does this by sharing his own proven strategies that will empower you to find your tribe, create content that is authentically YOU, and generate GREAT FIT clients!


“I wasn’t sure what to expect but after watching this training, for the first time I truly felt called out for my calling in life!” 
- Zack 

"I watched the training and couldn’t wait to learn more. To be 100% honest, I feel like it is the opportunity I’ve been looking for. It’s something I’m passionate about, helping others accomplish their goals and have their best life for them."

"I truly enjoyed the webinar. Best ever! Simple, straightforward, informative and easy to implement. Was very affirming of my sales conversations especially. But helped me identify key points for improvement.” 
- Thomas 

"I had to share!  I just watched this Purpose, Passion & Profit Masterclass and decided to apply it!  And guess what?  I just signed my first coaching client!  I wasn’t looking for it. But someone asked me for some advice so I followed many of the principles from Mitch and Travis’s process and applied it.  Then I made a proposal. I just got the “let’s do this” email. I’m now walking out my passion and I am getting paid for it!  Thanks so much for everything so far!  I couldn’t be more excited for this journey.”
- Eric


“I think Mitch Matthews can help you jump start your coaching business. His training and coaching will help you to figure out how to start, launch and market your services like many of the highest paid coaches and speakers in the world do.”  

Brendon Burchard, Best-Selling Author of “The Millionaire Messenger” & “The Charge”

“Working with Mitch made all the difference for me! It has given me the clarity, confidence boost AND strategies to move forward and make an even bigger impact!! Mitch… it has been THE best working with you—mentally, strategically AND spiritually!"

Amberly Lago, Expert Mindset Coach, Author & Podcaster -

“When you're building your own coaching or speaking business (or both), it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Working with Mitch and Travis helps to see which areas to focus on first, and give you the tools to build the business that you want from there.” 

Aree Bly, Alignment Coach, Speaker and Founder of

“Working with Mitch Matthews has been the cement to building a solid foundation for my coaching business and Travis Crutcher has been the tactical engineer that has helped grow my reach.”

Myles Threatt, Leadership Coach and Founder of

“Mitch helped me rethink my business from top to bottom to not just take my business to the next level but also increase my excitement and enthusiasm. Every coach needs a coach and Mitch is that guy!”

Antonio Neves, Author of “Stop Living on Auto-Pilot” -

"Spending time with Mitch and Travis has given me momentum and tools to be more consistent in serving the people that can benefit from my help and insights. #grateful and #thankful"

Petrina Gooch, Coach & Podcast Host: “Do You Have a Couple of Minutes

“I started from scratch.  But working with Mitch, I got my coaching business up and running in 3 months. I am making more per hour than I was making as an Executive Director for a Medical Device Company.  More importantly, I’m having a blast and I’m truly helping people.”

Nick Bartelt, CEO and Founder of

“Since working with Mitch my income has tripled, I have started a new company, but most importantly, I am very, very happy and grateful! Thanks again Mitch."

Rush Nigut, Best-Selling Author and Founder of

“Spending time with Mitch and Travis will make you feel as if you can reach all of your goals, because - you can!  They provide tools and strategies you can implement immediately. They are authentic and care about making this world a better place.”

Ann Wright, Leadership coach and Founder of

“I have a great coaching and training business, but felt like I had hit a bit of a lid. I also wanted to move more into speaking…working with Travis & Mitch absolutely helped me to blow the lid off and I am more productive, intentional & having so much more FUN with my business again!!”

Shelly Bays, Leadership Coach and Founder of

“Spending time with Mitch and Travis will make you feel like you can ACTUALLY DO THIS. I was at ground zero when I began working with them and I now have a growing business that is supporting my family. Now, thanks to my work with them, I know I have everything I need to continue to build the business and life of my dreams.”

Beth Medley, Life Coach and Founder of

“As a newer coach who felt stuck, working with Travis and Mitch has kept me inspired! Their belief in me only encourages me to keep going when I felt ready to cash it all in. If you're getting started or ready to take your business to the next level, I cannot recommend them enough!”

Joe Van Haecke, Coach, Speaker and Founder of

“I’ve been in this Mastermind with Mitch & Travis for nearly two years now. I’ve separately invested in both of their coaching services. My company Mindset Sports exists because of Mitch. My podcast exists because of Travis. While my investments may have been significant, the outcome has been so much more.  Now that these two have teamed up I want to say it’s like Batman & Robin but it’s not. It’s like Batman & Superman not Batman vs. Superman. I’ll let you decide what superheroes they are!! :)  You just can’t put a price tag on their life experience, the value they provide and how they pour into everyone they meet!!”

Brad Dempsey, CEO and Founder of

“I’ve been trying to build my business for years. I loved helping people but I wasn’t getting paid well for the work.  When I started to work with Mitch, he showed me my blindspots and he helped me to fix them.  Plus, he showed me better systems so my business could grow.  Things have never been better. In fact, I recently had my first $50K month and I’m attracting clients I love working with! I’m so grateful for Mitch’s help!”

Tom Marino, Executive and Success Coach -